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Age Well….Live Well Program

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We all know the buzzwords…. from senior, aging and mature to boomer, vintage and retiree.  A label however, is not important.  What is important is aging well, aging strong and aging happily.  Each year and decade lays the framework for the next.  Whether you, or someone you care about, are in their mid 50’s, 60’s or 70’s plus, this unique, powerful and comprehensive coaching can change your/their future.  This revolutionary one on one coaching can be done in our private studio or in your home or online (we will help with simple set up).

Everyone aspires to age in place, be independent, live pain and illness free, maintain cognitive ability, manage mental health, have full function and strong immunity and ultimately be happy with a great quality of life.  Like all of life’s goals this takes action, not just hope.  We are improving your future, as well as your health and wellness.

Below are the 8 pillars of our AGE WELL..LIVE WELL program.  See what makes this coaching so different and why Sean is qualified to facilitate it.  Your uniquely designed programming can include any or all of the following pillars.  We are able to seamlessly include these important areas into each powerful session.

Pillar 1.  Cutting edge fitness techniques designed for 55+

Quality training for this group requires experience and specialized training, Sean has both.  Studies have shown that specific and science backed exercise prescription is needed for the desired trajectory of aging.  Novel, engaging and outcome based programming blended with your needs and goals within the hierarchy of function are all paramount. The reasons for PROPER exercise prescription as we age include independence, heart health, longevity, function, balance, bone health, metabolism and so many more.

First certified as Personal Trainer over 22 years ago
Certified Seniors Fitness coach

Pillar 2.  Brain health training through fitness

As a Certified Brain Health Trainer programs can include exercise techniques that strengthen the brain and cognition while working to stave off neurodegeneration.  With the right modalities different areas of cognition can be optimized including executive functions, attention, memory and processing speed.  This type of physical training is fun, engaging and vital to conditioning the “hardware” and “software” of the brain.  Those who are currently well have the highest chance of lowering future risk.

Certified Brain health Trainer
Neuro foundations trained

Pillar 3.  Personalized direct Cognitive stimulation. 

Sean is a Certified FitMinds Coach which uses CST technology to train the brain in its entirety. “Use it or lose it”, as our brain will actually prune dendrites that we don’t use.  Harness the power of the brains plasticity and embrace its resilience in an attempt to maintain cognition and prevent neurodegeneration. Ensure any or all areas are not being missed.  Training covers memory, critical thinking, visual and spatial reasoning, computation, and language/music etc.  Brain work is often neglected with potentially serious consequences.   Our program offers accountability, progression, assessment, reporting and fun.   Cognitive facilitation is better done by a person than technology.

Certified Fit Minds Coach

Pillar 4.  Longevity coaching

Understanding and properly implementing strategies to increase our chances of a long life just makes sense.  The other 7 pillars themselves, if effectively managed are such strategies.  They however also need supplementation with different modalities and teachings that help us live a longer and healthier life.  Injury prevention is also tied to longevity as is prehab in some cases.  Posture affects aging as do deficiencies in other areas.

Lifestyle wellness coach
Ace orthopedic trainer

Pillar 5.  Golf Conditioning

Golf is a social, outdoor sport that is natural for many who are 55 and up.  The AGE WELL – LIVE WELL program can be that missing piece of true conditioning for the sport that you love.  Different muscles, techniques and stretches are relevant to the different swing stages.  Injury prevention is critical in our ability to play well, long term and reduce the stress on the body.  The bodies kinetic chain is how golf works and balance, posture, power, strength and flexibility are all tied to making good shots, with good biomechanics and preventing energy leaks.  Improving your bodies efficiency and effectiveness overall is how scores are improved.

Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist

Pillar 6.  Stress relief and management

Implementing good stress relief techniques has a direct bearing on all the other pillars.  It impacts our ability to maintain good cognition over time.  Simple strategies can make a big difference and making sure our stress is truly managed is vital to our long term success.  There are a myriad of health modalities that hinge directly on our stress being addressed and we think it is a vital component to age well and live well.  Friend therapy is a common element of the ensuing partnership that is created with countless clients benefiting.

Stress management coach
Sleep science coach
Certified and experienced in CISM
Safetalk certified

Pillar 7.  Nutrition advice

We help all of our clients manage their food whether for metabolism, body composition, health or aging.  Dietary needs change as our chronological age does and simple strategies can make a big difference.  We subscribe to a balanced approach rather than one of excessive rigidity.  Nutrition management requires a positive relationship with food not a negative or shame based relationship.

Fitness nutrition certified
Certified Seniors Fitness coach

Pillar 8.  Social coaching approach

A client/trainer relationship is a partnership and commonly evolves into a friendship.  Social connection has never been more important than now.  For those concerned with Covid 19 online sessions can be effective all around and still offer a great social experience.  Human connection and engagement are shown to have a huge impact on our aging, cognition and health with loneliness being considered as dangerous as smoking.  After 20 years as a trainer and numerous specific life experiences Sean has an ability to connect with clients in a way that creates a unique bond and trust.  Every additional meaningful social connection is good for our health.

20 plus years as a trainer
Confidence and self esteem coaching experience
Numerous other credentials (to be discussed)


Professional, Effective, Accessible, Knowledgeable

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