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Peak Conditioning - Coaching Real Change - London, Ontario

Peak Conditioning Trainers

Functional and Effective Personal Training in London Ontario
Peak Conditioning specializes in functional and effective personal training in London Ontario. We offer coaching in our private studio with unique programs for all walks of life. In addition, Peak Conditioning offers an online training community. Please explore this website to learn more about our practical approach to long term health and fitness.
“Peak Conditioning has been able to train me mentally and physically into believing that there is a better life….a happier and healthier one.” – Holly
Sean Kingswell

Sean Kingswell was first Certified as a Personal Trainer over 25 years ago. Known for a positive coaching style and an ability to relate to, and motivate clients, he has an Honours University Degree and a College Diploma in F.E.S. Sean has a Leadership Badge from Fanshawe College and a University Specialization in Feedback. As a positive outcome based coach Sean believes in “balance” and the importance of enjoying what life has to offer.  As a highly experienced trainer with a wide range of qualifications his additional certifications include..

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Nutrition Certified
  • Certified  Lifestyle Wellness Coach
  • Certified Stress Management Coach
  • Certified Sleep Science Coach
  • Certified Sports and Exercise Psychology Coach
  • Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist
  • Certified Speed and Power Coach
  • Certified Strength Coach
  • Certified Brain Health Trainer
  • Certified Fitminds Coach
  • Biomechanics Certified
  • Foam Roll Certified
  • ACE Orthopedic Trainer Certification
  • Certified in Self Esteem Coaching
  • Certified Hockey and Football Conditioning Specialist
  • Senior Fitness Certified
  • Certified Adolescence Coach
  • Confidence Coaching Certified
  • Youth Fitness Certified
  • Golf Conditioning Specialist
  • Fit Pregnancy Training

Sean holds a position as a fitness contributor to a major publication and has experience as a wellness presenter. Sean is the coordinator of mental health peer support for 400 first responders with a team of 30 peer supporters reporting to him, he has 15 years of running one on one and group interventions. He has completed the CAMH core course in smoking cessation and level two stroke school.  He has had speciality training in posture, ABC and running injury prevention and functional training.  He has had numerous other educational opportunities including, weight management, cardio kickboxing, Breathing for Warriors, mental strength for fitness, core assessment and training, and NCCP.  Sean has worked to train first responders in fitness and wellness teaching concepts to new hires also.  Sean is a community  member on the interview team for UWO medicine.  He has completed the Safetalk course. He is certified in first aid and CPR and is a former instructor.  He is certified and experienced in CISM. Volunteer experience includes YMCA, fitness and wellness volunteer, overt, distress centre, Big Brother, Block Parent, Special Olympics, Safe School committee, coaching and more. He is the very proud father of three great sons.

Kate Kingswell
Kate Kingswell has been actively certified in the fitness and wellness industry for over 20 years. Kate’s credentials and certifications include…..

  • Functional Training and Athletic Conditioning Specialist
  • Total Barre Certified
  • Halo Training Certified
  • Certified STOTT Pilates essential, intermediate and advanced
  • Postural Assessment Certified
  • Group Groove Certified
  • Group Core Coach
  • Group Cycling Certified
  • YMCA coach/instructor, presenter and community ambassador
  • First aid and CPR Certification
  • Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma
  • Lifestyle Weight Management Certified

Kate volunteers her time and fitness expertise, at many fundraising events to support the local YMCA, the community, and her local hospitals.


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