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Peak Conditioning - Coaching Real Change - London, Ontario

Personal Training for Men and Women

Functional and Effective Personal Training in London Ontario
We offer quality, affordable, studio and in home personal training for men and women. Your goals and health are paramount and achieved through your individualized program.
Dedicated to functional training designed to reach your goals and increase health and fitness for the real world. This training can be your predominant fitness component or can complement your current exercise/gym routine in helping you reach your goals.
Programs are designed to meet clients goals and include primary and secondary components of fitness including body composition, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, speed, power, agility, reaction time, coordination and balance. In addition:

Core: Strengthening muscles of abdomen, back, pelvis and hips enhancing the cores roles of stabilizing the spine and creating and transferring force.

Posture: Good posture is the ultimate core exercise and including exercises to improves clients posture can be fundamental in program design. Partnered with a postural assessment professional who can perform assessments on interested clients.

Nutrition: No dieting, only healthy weight management – food consumption and fitness patterns based on general guidelines dynamic for different circumstances and practical for the long term. Dieting is NOT a long term solution and can lead to diet binge eating cycle, weight gain and psychological consequences.

Stress Management: Training designed to reduce stress by lowering stress hormones, raising endorphins, meeting goals and releasing negative emotions.

Fitness gauge – We do an individualized fitness gauge to get a baseline for your fitness. We avoid some standard techniques often designed to negatively shock clients in an effort to sell excessive sessions.

Complete individualization – programs designed based on extensive respectful data collection including: Goals, interests, health, gender, exercise history, age, learning style, mental preparedness, training age and more…..

"My personal training experience with Sean was extremely positive. I looked forward to every training session and his highly personalized workouts were creative, challenging, dynamic and fun every time. Seans extensive personal and professional experience made me 100% comfortable, allowing me to exceed expectations and always have a successful training session. Thank you for your help, positive attitude, patience and experience."

– Maia

“Sean is a very skilled trainer. He carefully assessed my current fitness level and developed a comprehensive weight program that has helped me to quickly reach my goals. I love that I can get in and out of the gym in an hour and how my varied workouts are fun and motivating. Working with Sean has strengthened my distance running and yoga practice. I appreciate Seans “no pressure” approach and his willingness to accommodate my busy schedule. I highly recommend Sean Kingswell as a personal trainer."

– Dr. Amanda Bell

"I found the fitness gauge to be fun and respectful encompassing many different components of overall fitness"

– Jason

To say that I was bored with my work out routine was an understatement. Not to mention I don’t think I was being as efficient as I could with my limited time at the gym. I am self -employed and returned to work after my second son was only 8 weeks old and I found that the strength from my pre-pregnancy days had significantly dissipated. With these challenges in mind I recruited Sean Kingswell to help me develop an efficient strengthening program that focused on functional exercises emphasizing core muscles. I was very impressed with how quickly he booked me in for a session to assess my current level of fitness and he was able to understand my current exercise goals. He focused our subsequent sessions on form and made sure I had options for making some exercises more difficult when the time came. If you are considering a personal trainer to kick start a fitness program or if you are tired of doing the same workout at the gym without reaching your goals, I would recommend you contact Sean. The experience was great and I’ll be booking in for further sessions every couple of months to change my work out up again. Thanks Sean!"

– Dr. Shawna Green, Chiropractor

"I was initially nervous starting my traininig with Sean because I have a form of arthritis in all my joints and had a muscle disease at one time that caused total loss of muscle mass, so I knew starting to be physically active again would be a challenge. My experience training with Sean has been extremely positive and has far exceeded my expectations. Sean created workouts for me that were challenging but was careful not to cause any joint pain or flare ups. He went above and beyond what I expected from a personal trainer, even putting me in touch with a chiropractor that has experience with my condition which has benefited me in a huge way. Although I was thrilled to lose 10 lbs in the first month Seans concern in improving my overall health above just losing pounds has made the training a far better experience than I was expecting. I am seeing great results and feel awesome overall. Seans positive attitude, ongoing encouragement and genuine passion for seeing his clients succeed has made training with him a true pleasure."

– Sarah

"Sean steered me away from additional sessions instead encouraging me to embrace my abilities for independent long term fitness"

– Misty

"With only a few months of training with Sean, I am noticing a significant improvement in my endurance, strength and body composition. I have enjoyed the wide variety of exercises and creativity in his programming. Sean’s workouts are always fun and challenging! I recently competed in a Give it a Try and crossed the finish line feeling great and was happy with my results. I would like to thank Sean for his professional training and motivational support."

– Sandy


Fundamentally it means training clients with a program and exercises conducive to reaching goals but also for improving function in everyday life. With Peak Conditioning our practical approach translates into other real world components including:

1. Policies (cancellation etc) practical to clients busy lives.
2. Offering many different program styles and frequencies aiming to reach clients goals in the most cost effective manner.
3. Nutritional advice conducive to the real world as we all want to enjoy ourselves and diets don’t work long term.
4. Training to increase metabolism, improve body composition, and making great overall use of training time. These strategies can potentially reduce the amount of exercise needed to maintain desired condition, increasing free time.
5. Fitness gauge assessing real world fitness components not subjective testing.
6. No long term contracts as the client needs to assess their needs and their trainer/client relationship regularly.
7. Setting proper expectations for clients and understanding aging, genetics and other components relevant in terms of current condition and training potential.
8. Acknowledging that fitness is only one facet of a quality wellness program.
9. Only taking on a manageable number of clients at any one time and only use programs and exercises the trainer can and will do themselves.


A goal without a plan is just a wish”– Antoine De Saint – Exupery

Professional, Effective, Accessible, Knowledgeable

Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness program. Individual results may vary. Please review our Terms and Conditions.
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