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Kids and Adolescents

Functional and Effective Personal Training in London Ontario
Take a P.E.A.K at Child and Adolescent Fitness
Peak Conditioning offers private personal training program with age appropriate exercise prescription in a non competitive environment. Sessions can be done online one on one or with friends/teammates/classmates or privately in studio. This program aims to establish lifelong fitness, meet individuals goals, teach exercise safety and increase confidence. In addition, helping to manage weekly independent fitness.
“My 16 year old son struggled with self confidence…then we met Sean” – Joanne
Having trained adolescents and kids for years Sean is more than just a personal trainer. He is a certified Youth fitness trainer with numerous other credentials to suit the demographic (see bio). In these interesting times Peak Conditioning has options to suit adolescents and kids. All sessions can be done in studio or online one on one/with classmates/teammates….

Personal training – Sean has trained many adolescents and teens from elite athletes to those just starting out. He takes pride in helping to nourish a child’s confidence and self-esteem while helping them meet goals, learn safe exercise practices and have fun.

Benefits of Child/Adolescent Fitness may include:
Lower adult health conditions, musculoskeletal strength, lower depression and anxiety, increased self esteem and mental health, increased flexibility, appetite regulation, improved body image, increased metabolism, reduced risk of injury, better sports performance, improved capacity for learning, improved posture, cardiovascular health and blood pressure, improved sleep and more ++

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In our society we spend countless time and money teaching our kids to kick a ball or strum an instrument. All good skills, yet often neglecting the lifelong commitment of fitness and wellness and the accompanying self esteem and confidence– Unknown Author

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