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Functional and Effective Personal Training in London Ontario
“Our aging is in our own hands.  It is no one else’s responsibility.  If we depend on our doctors, our families or our government, we risk compromising the quality of our lives”
– Dr. Walter Bortz
They say that age is just a number.   The truth is we all have at least two ages, our chronological age and our physiological age.  Genetics only account for a small portion of our health and aging potential, the majority is up to us.  It is never too late to start or improve our fitness and wellness.  As we get along in years we often blame aging for our health or fitness when in reality it can be a case of abuse, misuse or disuse.  We are taught from a young age to prepare for retirement but that should include our bodies and minds as much as our bank accounts.  There is a difference between typical and healthy aging and a fit person of any age can be younger and more fit than those far younger.  Certified in Sr. Fitness we look to increase health, longevity, happiness and independence through preventative gerontology.  It is not about promising youth but wellness, health, positivity, functionality and results through programming that is enjoyable and purposeful.

The benefits of personal training and a healthier lifestyle as we age include…

  • Exercise can prevent ailments with no side effects
  • Leg strength is best indicator of living alone
  • Exercise capacity is a better indicator of longevity than any health marker
  • Fit individuals have better survival rates after a heart attack than unfit
  • Exercise increases your odds of living longer
  • Improve metabolism/ reducing the effects of aging
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Improve immune system function
  • Maintain healthy joints
  • Improve energy and endurance
  • Protects against type II diabetes
  • Fosters independence
  • Improves cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Wellness plans can improve bone density, balance, metabolism, body composition, posture, mobility, flexibility, brain function, and mental health
“85% of our most dreaded diseases could be prevented with appropriate lifestyle changes”
– U.S Surgeon General

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Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness program. Individual results may vary. Please review our Terms and Conditions.
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